Let's solve big problems,
minimize them into chip size


We are concerned with custom electronic device production and on-chip integration.



Development, testing and production of customized electronic devices,
e.g. Baby Monitor, StressMeter, Spectrometer.

ASIC design

ASIC design

Design of application-specific integrated circuits. We will bring your system on a chip in affordable way,
e.g. Mobile payments via MicroSD, Smart Energy.



Our experienced professionals working in international teams utilize the most recent procedures dealing with all stages of design, development, production and custom solutions towards achieving your companies’ goals.

Our partners

Our partners

We cooperate in a lot of European and worldwide scientific projects, applied research and custom solutions. The company associates excellent scientists, research workers and IC design experts as well as experienced management and technical support, providing altogether high quality research and development potential.



We appreciate and value the trust you place in us and our ideas.
We are self-financed company, and our shares are not listed.
Please do not hesitate to contact us for further documentation.

About Us

Our uppermost objective is to create products people love.

R-DAS (Research - Development Application Services) was founded in order to transfer results of research and development as well as the latest technology knowledge and know-how into practice, mainly in microelectronics. Since, the company has been further developed with the intention to commercialize and apply integrated solutions for launched products in several areas. We offer complex solutions in each stage of the development process leading to innovative products as well as business model and marketing strategy creation support.

The main activities are research and development of smart electronic systems and their ASIC implementation, applicable in different industrial fields as well as other domains, e.g. quality of life, healthcare, wellness, etc. Additionally, we offer expertise in several fields that include mainly microelectronics and nanoelectronics, biomedical engineering, healthcare, RFID,  smart sensor systems, miscellaneous RF communication systems, and especially, IC design.

ASIC design solutions

  • Low-power SoC and SiP systems
  • RFIC wireless communication systems
  • PCB level verification
  • Mass production

Payment & Security solutions

  • Mobile payments
  • RFID
  • MicroSD cards with NFC
  • NFC security solutions

Biomedical monitoring

  • Stress monitoring
  • Ambient Assisted Living systems (server+client)
  • Wireless biomonitoring (ANT+, ZigBee, Bluetooth)
  • Measurement and test, smart sensors

Energy to smart grid

  • Smart households
  • Smart metering
  • Power control & management
  • Smart wireless interface
  • Innovative energy storage

Contact Us

We bring a personal and effective approach to every project we work on.

Our Location

Ilkovicova 2
841 04 Bratislava


Banská Bystrica, Slovakia
Bratislava, Slovakia

Email & Phone

Info:+421-940-640 001
Business / Sales / Investments:+421-940-640 002
Administrative & Accounting:+421-940-640 003
Technical:+421-940-989 004